Our Story

It all started in 2019,

when two siblings began to wear traditional Chinese clothing to events and gatherings. It was just to break the routine, but since it was something people only put on for certain events like Chinese New Year, it received a lot of responses. Those reactions made them think more about the history and the significance of these cheongsams/changshans. 

After digging a little deeper, 

they learned that due to the Cultural Revolution, what was once a fashion norm disappeared. These traditional pieces suddenly took on a new meaning; it was a relationship with a history and culture.

When they wore these pieces, it allowed them to express a part of themselves that was difficult to express before. But after realising it was difficult to find something that aligned with their tastes and values, they saw an opportunity to share this feeling with more people. 

They got to work. And CantoSoul was born.

We Believe in

creating products that make people feel comfortable in their own skin, and applying clean design in a distracted world, and using material that cause minimal impact on the environment. 

We understand that there are sensitivities that come with wearing Asian-inspired clothing. But we are in no position of telling people what or what not to wear. 

No matter where you're from,

you have a home with CantoSoul. CantoSoul is for the classy rebels, who stick to their gut, and dances extra hard when no one else is dancing.

Come and join the party.

Everyone is invited.