Our Story

It began in 2019,

when two siblings in Hong Kong started wearing their traditional Chinese clothes to gatherings to try something new. People seemed to resonate with the "look", since they were only pieces often reserved for more traditional events like Chinese New Year. But everyone's response made them think deeper about its origins and importance. 

The cheongsam/changshan was common attire, until the Communist Revolution made people trade their traditional garments for the homogenous, green uniforms. These traditional pieces suddenly took on a new meaning. It became a relationship with a time and place that had disappeared. But maybe they could bring it back...

When they wore those pieces, they felt like they were expressing a part of themselves that they didn't get to do on a regular basis. But they were not satisfied with the options they saw, on their search for similar clothes, and realised this was their opportunity to create something meaningful.

Our Values

We believe in creating products that make people feel comfortable in their own skin. We believe in using the finest materials that have minimal impact on the environment, and clean designs in a distracting world. We also believe improvement and humility are the only constants.
We're aware of the sensitivities of wearing Asian-Inspired clothing. But ultimately, as a fashion brand, we have no stance on who should or should not wear it. We do however, encourage cultural-appreciation, as opposed to cultural-appropriation. 
If you are one of those classy rebels, who stick to their gut, and dances extra hard when no one else is dancing, come and join the party.  No matter where you're from,  you have a home with CantoSoul.